3D Designer, sketcher for high-tech sustainable construction team

Dextall is seeking designer who is proficient with sketches of buildings and building component and who is proficient to convert those sketches to high quality 3D renders. Candidate will be a part of the team and will be a part of Prefab / Modular, high-tech sustainable construction movement. The perfect candidate is passionate about sustainability, and new tech in the construction and design industries. Candidate understands that these initiatives can bring benefits such cleaner environment and can create stronger communities. 

We are seeking an enthusiastic individual with a cooperative can-do attitude, to join us. We are specifically seeking someone able to create 3D drawings, sketches and renders as well as building designs that will be uploaded to Dextall Studio software. Those designs will be used by number of architects as template to most optimal prefab design solutions. Candidate will have an ability to leave an imprint of their work on multiple buildings across US.  

3D renders to showcase our offerings will be widely visible on multiple SM platforms as well as by hundreds of architects and building owners in the industry.  

Other essential traits include organizational and time management skills, being detail-oriented, and proactive.  

Dextall’s team’s number one mission is to improve the quality of living conditions for the communities we build and strive for a sustainable world with minimized waste and carbon emissions because of construction. 

By providing advanced high-tech solutions, we empower innovators in the construction industry to strive for a more sustainable future, safer working conditions, time, waste, and, therefore, the cost for more inclusive and healthier communities around the USA. 

If this sounds in line with your vision for the world and you consider yourself an innovator and an independent mind, then Dextall is the place for you. 

Primary Responsibilities: 

  • Produce detailed architectural and technical drawings, according to the requirements of the Project Managers
  •   Assist business developers and precon team to review and analyze building exteriors and propose designs for the most optimal exterior prefab solutions 
  • Assist IT development team with building design template that will be uploaded to Dextall Studio and will be used by hundreds of architects  
  • Proficiency in two- and three-dimensional drawings 
  • Proficiency in AutoCAD/ Revit
  • Develop detailed architectural ,technical drawings and highest quality 3R renders        

Not A Must: 

  • Support marketing, business development, and PR initiatives, including portfolio, website, and social media via visual presentation of buildings and Dextall products 


Required Qualifications: 

  • Bachelor’s degree in architecture or design. 
  • Must possess strong software skills that deals with 3D renders such as 3D Max or others. 

Submission Requirements: 

  • Cover letter stating the candidate’s background, experience level, skills, and interests 
  • Resume/CV/examples of work 
  • Portfolio of selected work samples in PDF format (max. 20MB) 
  • Eligibility to work in the US  

ABOUT Dextall Team 

Sustainability is our purpose. 

Your project is our priority. 

Dextall is a team of leading industry professionals who bring to bear decades of experience in engineering, design, technology, and innovation in the sustainable building and construction industries to develop succinct processes and innovative labor solutions in exterior design and construction of commercial buildings around the world. 

Dextall is led by CEO Aurimas Sabulis, who has decades of experience in sustainable construction and is a pioneer behind the revolutionary software solution that shortens the existing design process of mid and high-rise building exteriors. Our team offers comprehensive solutions in evaluating exterior building quality, operational efficiencies, and identifying attainable pathways to cost savings throughout the construction process. 

At Dextall, we focus on creating long-term economic, social, and environmental value for our clients. Our team works hand in hand with architects, contractors, and owners to ensure sustainability is imprinted throughout our panelized wall system’s design and installation process. 


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