Dextall’s goal to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions is in action with The NYSERDA/Empire Building Challenge Award – Low Carbon Retrofit Project

With a Major building envelope upgrade, The Heritage, NY is equipped to win the Challenge

About The Building 

It is located at 1660 Madison Avenue, NY. Built-in 1974 under the Mitchell-Lama program, this 11-story building provided affordable rental and cooperative housing to moderate-and-middle-income families. Almost five decades later, the building is undergoing significant renovations to increase comfort for the tenants, reduce the building’s energy consumption, and offer a transformative modern appearance. 

Dextall’s Solution

 One of the primary challenges of the project is to minimize disruption to the tenants. Considered a “hybrid” renovation, Dextall’s engineering team developed an innovative solution to integrate its prefabricated walls with areas of the façade that will feature EIFS cladding. Dextall’s prefab wall systems are installed from the exterior of the building and do not require scaffolding or staging. Exterior upgrades feature Dextall’s prefabricated wall systems with factory-installed high-performance windows and modern aluminum cladding. Once completed, 1660 Madison Avenue will feature the most innovative façade technology & materials, effectively reducing energy consumption, increasing indoor comfort, and eliminating costly maintenance over the years. 

Additionally, the building will achieve carbon neutrality thru full electrification.

About The Empire Building Challenge

The Empire Building Challenge is a $50 million investment by

 New York State demonstrates different pathways for achieving carbon neutrality in tall buildings. 

By establishing a private-public partnership with leading real estate owners and their engineering experts, exciting approaches to cold-climate decarbonization are being tested in the New York market. With the potential to replicate these solutions across the 130 million square feet of real estate controlled by the first cohort of Empire Building Challenge partners and beyond, the impact of each project will accelerate. 

New York’s progress toward the Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act’s (Climate Act) goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 85% by 2050. (resource: State of New York / NYSERDA / Empire Building Challenge website)


  • L+M Fund Management 
  • Invesco Ltd. 
  • Steven Winter Associates 
  • Inglese Architecture + Engineering 
  • Cosentini Associates 


  • Dextall (Pre-Fabricated Exterior Walls) 
  • Sto Corp (EIFS) 
  • Ice Air (PTHP) 


  • Major building envelope upgrade with Exterior Insulating Façade System (EIFS) and new windows 
  • Complete, efficient electrification of 1660 Madison Ave, with new packaged terminal heat pumps, use of air-to-water heat pump with eco-friendly refrigerant for water heating, and new electric clothes dryers in common area laundry.

Join the Challenge 

Visit or email for additional details on the Empire Building Challenge and to learn how to partner with NYSERDA, reduce carbon emissions, and get involved in the clean energy economy.