Happy Earth Day!  Dextall commits to accelerating decarbonization TODAY!

Dextall’s Purpose to exist is:

To accelerate decarbonization of the environment TODAY by bringing affordable and efficient solutions to build sustainably.


Dextall’s principles and values focus on stakeholder value creation as a bulwark of a company that committedly upholds its social mission. 

In synchrony with our stated Vision, Mission, and Purpose, we resolve to invest talent and resources efficiently as we strive for shared value, and operate a growing and profitable circular-economy construction technology company that stands for its ability to empower property owners, developers, and their partners to transform America’s built environment for a vibrant decarbonized future.


Dextall’s essential purpose — to create more livable, inclusive, happy, and resilient homes and neighborhoods – recognizes urgency in our building sector’s need to decarbonize as it designs spaces that are open, equitable, and safe, an urgency that requires honesty, accountability, transparency, and commitment to holistic stakeholder value to survive and thrive. 


Dextall works humbly to re-engineer both how buildings come to be, how they perform, and how their residents experience living in them – across entire sub-component sourcing lifecycles – to decarbonize both front-end building workflows and long-term value and impact chains. 


The specific environmental standards Dextall declares to be foundational – and will hold itself to regularly-reported full account — to its business principles and operating practices include:


  • Near zero-waste … Dextall’s digital-twin software design and unitized precision-manufacturing panel system produces near-zero waste both in prefabrication and on site – where typically 30% of building materials become waste – eliminating tons of landfill and hauling for mid- to high-rise buildings. Dextall, in contrast, deploys 100% of materials trucked to job sites for the buildings themselves.
  • Lower carbon … Dextall prefabricated wall systems optimize a resilient industrial supply chain and a digitized bill-of-materials piece-level roadmap, enabling embodied carbon capture opportunity at every stage of our end-to-end system. As well, our systems can also help buildings to achieve Passive House or NZE level performance.
  • Energy savings … Dextall’s DWall closed-panel building envelope solutions perform at levels 40% higher in energy efficiency than current code, lowering owners’ and resident operational costs. Further opportunity to offer building integrated photovoltaics and closed-panel mechanicals, electric, and plumbing create a direct pathway to additional renewable energy generation.
  • Indoor room comfort … Dextall’s unitized, precision-fabricated, pre-insulated, closed wall-panel systems offer an advanced quality building enclosure that ensures greater room air temperature comfort due to a better seal, fire resistance, and sound insulation. 
  • Healthy indoor air quality … Dextall’s well-sealed building envelope in combination with MEP integration enables air exchange and purification rates that exceed conventional construction.

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