The Heritage, NY



  About The Building Located on 1660 Madison Avenue, NY. Built in 1974 under the Mitchell-Lama program, this 11-story building provided affordable rental and cooperative housing to moderate-and-middle-income families. Almost five decades later, the building is undergoing significant renovations which will increase comfort for the tenants, reduce the buildings energy consumption, and offer a transformative modern appearance.   Dextall's Solution Exterior upgrades feature Dextall’s prefabricated wall systems with factory installed high-performance windows, and modern aluminum cladding. Considered a “hybrid” renovation, Dextall’s engineering team developed an innovative solution to integrate its prefabricated walls with areas of the façade that will feature EIFS cladding.   One of the primary challenges of the project is to minimize disruption to the tenants. Dextall’s prefab wall systems are installed from the exterior of the building and do not require scaffolding or staging.  Once completed, 1660 Madison Avenue will feature the most innovative façade technology & materials effectively reducing energy consumption, increasing indoor comfort, and eliminating costly maintenance over the years.      Before: building to be retrofitted with Dextall