Tech Enabled

Dextall design technology, materials science, and structural panel innovations empower AEC partners to build higher-performance, more sustainable, and more comfortable buildings.


  • Project coordination amongst streamlined across multiple key stakeholders.
  • Exterior design process and approval acceleration by a factor of 20X.
  • Precise exterior wall selection, and shop-drawing-level detail at the design stage.
  • Precision-automated manufacturing that produces highest quality, “best in class” finished, prefabricated wall panels.

Labor Smart

Dextall’s technology solutions build in productivity gains that achieve faster “first-time accurate” installation with fewer skilled workers, safer sites, and accelerated revenue opportunity. Our system impacts common pain-point challenges:

01 01

Loss of time

02 02

Drain on capital and resources

03 03

Subpar building quality

04 04

Materials waste (30% of jobsite waste is attributed to onsite practices)

The Dextall prefabricated panel solution eliminates job site labor challenges.

We do so by streamlining design and standardizing precision-manufactured structural panels that optimize:

01 01

Cost savings that translate into expanded housing opportunity for underserved communities

02 02

Dextall prefab panels install 75% faster compared to onsite exterior wall construction practices

03 03

Exterior installation reduces onsite skilled labor requirement by 80%

04 04

Pre-sealed panels mean no more need for scaffolds, suspended platforms, or further exterior finish work.

Green Forward


Buildings are one of the key contributors to our global carbon footprint. Dextall’s factory-assembled fully-prefabricated exterior walls stack like building blocks. This method ensures superior quality and directly impacts the reduction of embodied carbon. Dextall prefab panels achieve 40% greater energy-efficiency than on-site walls built to code. Dextall wall-panels elevate building performance to net-zero or passive house standard certifications.

Our solution is helping State of NY to achieve aggressive 2050 climate

Dextall is currently the only NY State approved prefab wall provider for affordable housing retrofit projects.

You can read more about how New York State Taps Dextall In Massive Affordable Housing Retrofit For The Future here:

Dextall wins approved-supplier designation in $30-Million NYSERDA Retrofit Initiative