Here's how Dextall's precision-manufactured wall systems 
empower architects, engineers, GCs, and developers to add meaningful value and subtract waste in new and retrofit exterior construction.

  • First-time accurate installation – eliminate warranty and call-backs
  • High velocity – 80% increased speed without sacrificing quality assurance
  • Low variability – On budget, on time, streamlined logistics
  • Increased productivity – More accomplished with 10x fewer skilled labor hours
  • Reduced waste – virtually eliminate wasted materials, and no job-site debris hauling
  • Less waste than conventional construction
  • Time-back – Faster installation cycles allow for step up in volume of projects
  • Site challenges – System adapts to narrow or tight-lot vertical projects

Current Pain Point Challenges

Other industries have modernized, industrialized, adapted new technologies, and achieved higher levels of productivity. Construction lags behind, continuing practices and systems that date back to the last Century.


  • Complexity – each project’s exterior construction requires as many as 7 separate skilled trade subcontractor crews
  • Weather interference – Jobsite construction cycles rely too heavily on weather conditions, which can impact schedules, safety, and quality.
  • Runaway cost variance – Jobsite building is prone to on-site course-corrections that can domino into big delays, call-backs, errors, and other costly variances
  • Lost accountability – Often on-site conditions or events trigger problems that set in motion frustrating blame-games and no single-source-of-truth
  • Safety risk – Bespoke structures, site-conditions, and backlogged schedules increase the risk of injury in the project site

Specific Benefits Of Using The
Dextall Prefab System

$Competitively priced – costs less than onsite construction due to innovative process and product standardization.

Dry installation method with gaskets – eliminates job-site sealants and any need for exterior work once the panel is set in place. No scaffolds or other suspended platforms.

Water and airtight prefab panel components come complete with factory-installed windows and factory-installed rainscreen cladding.

Revit plug-in for seamless design integration – a simplified, practical and improved exterior design process that speeds preconstruction design to code by a factor of 20X.

Maintenance-free building exteriors that require 10X less onsite labor to install exterior walls up to 80% faster than typical building cycles.

The future of building exteriors

  • Better quality exteriors
  • Reduced risk of job site injuries on the tightest of building sites
  • Simplified logistics
  • Reduced job site waste
  • Reduced number of trades accountable for building exterior
  • 10 times less laborers onsite, significant reduction in coordination
  • 80% Faster Installation

Dextall – The future of construction starts here

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Safe construction environments and just-in-time delivery

Dextall’s production process is optimized to produce value with minimum waste. Resilient industrial supply chain, increasingly digitized manufacturing processes, and agile operations are the core of Dextall’s philosophy. Our off-site capabilities allow for safer construction environments and just-in-time delivery to project sites.

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We produce off-site and assemble onsite to serve our clients and cities better, manage construction risks, and offer delivery flexibility. Each exterior panel containing all necessary components such as window and fully integrated exterior cladding is encoded with intelligent tagging, enabling remote, digital access for any stakeholder throughout the construction process and the life of the building.

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Through process collaboration, we can plan and execute

We have the experience, partner network, product, and process to lead with conviction and provide predictable results. Our DWALL system allows for integration among stakeholders for total alignment on timing and costs. Together, we are improving the standards, economics, and process of designing and constructing building exteriors.

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Dextall designs are as innovative as they are functional.

Our menu of potential options and configurations for cladding or window designs meet the needs and aspirations of Dextall system designers and users. Our highly adaptable product selection variations allow projects to seamlessly scale and feature unique designs with multiple window configurations, aluminum cladding divisions, unlimited shadow line variations, and integrations of venting systems, lightning, or sunshades.