Unitized Prefabricated Wall System

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New York State Taps Dextall
In Massive Affordable Housing Retrofit For The Future

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Tech Enabled

Dextall innovative technology solutions empower architects, GCs, and developers to design and build smarter, sustainable, and more beautiful buildings.

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Labor Smart

Dextall’s end-to-end fusion of design, proven engineering, and easy-fit installation streamlines processes, speeds up installation and exponentially impacts labor productivity.

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Green Forward

Dextall’s precision fabrication processes eliminate materials waste, and its high-performance envelope systems reduce energy use, and lower carbon impacts.

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Your project is our priority
Sustainability is our purpose.

Dextall is a team of leading industry professionals who bring to bear decades of experience in engineering, design, technology, and innovation in the sustainable building and construction industries to develop succinct processes and smart labor solutions in exterior design and construction of commercial buildings around the world.

Led by CEO Aurimas Sabulis, who has decades of experience in sustainability construction and is himself a pioneer behind the revolutionary software solution that shortens the existing design process of mid and high-rise building exteriors, our team offers comprehensive solutions in the evaluation of building exterior quality, operational efficiencies, and identifying attainable pathways to cost savings throughout the construction process.

At Dextall, we focus on creating long term economic, social, and environmental value for our clients. Our team works hand in hand with architects, contractors, and owners to ensure sustainability is imprinted throughout the design and installation process of our panelized wall system.

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